Five Points Zoning Plan Moves Ahead

City Council gives initial approval to proposed new development rules

June 05, 2008

By Adam Beam –The State

More apartments and relaxed parking requirements for businesses are on tap for Five Points if City Council upholds a 5-1 Wednesday vote on new zoning requirements.

The zoning would encourage mixed use — businesses, retail and apartments built together —in a city that traditionally has separated commercial and residential projects.

The plan also would slash parking requirements for new buildings to satisfy some council members who wish to preserve the urban village’s walking-friendly setting.

“This proposal gives us the urban feel,” said Councilwoman Anne Sinclair, whose district includes part of Five Points.

Council must take a second and final vote on the zoning requirements. That could be as early as June 18.

The zoning changes provide guidelines for things like a building’s height and its setback, or how far back a building sits from its property line. It does not take into account how a building will look. That job would fall to the design review commission, which would police the building projects to make sure they all complement each other.

“If the zoning is adopted, it is our intent that the new development would enhance the existing urban village character,” zoning director Mark Mylott said.

The zoning changes are part of the implementation of the Future Five plan, which provides guidelines for growth in Five Points.

“Historically, zoning ordinances tried to segregate certain types of land usages,” Mylott said. “We’ve gone back to the notion that it is not so bad to have mixed use.”



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