Greenville County Council Approves "Dense" Development for Anderson Road


Dense is the way to build on Anderson Ridge Road, council says

May 7, 2008

By Ben Szobody – Greenville News

County Council approved more dense residential zoning on Anderson Ridge Road Tuesday night, reversing the denial recommendations of county planners, the independent Planning Commission and the council’s own development committee.

The county’s planning staff had said the 59-acre site is surrounded by mostly large, single-family home sites on the north side of Anderson Ridge, and recommended preserving compatible zoning, in part because the proposed development would generate 714 vehicle trips per day on a road that needs improvement.

Several developments have the more dense “R-15” zoning on the south side of the road.

However, council Chairman Butch Kirven told colleagues he favors the more dense zoning, which would open the door to a residential development that would bring sewer service to the site and other homes in the area.

He said the proximity of the Enoree River raises environmental concerns with septic tanks, and that the property’s purchaser wold build higher quality homes than are currently in the area.

He also said no one in the neighborhood has spoken out against the project.

Developers have said they plan to build a mix of patio and traditional single-family homes in a cluster development. The R-15 zoning would allow more than 150 units.

The council approved the zoning change at second reading by a unanimous voice vote. It will vote one more time later this month.


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