Greenville Ranks High in Job Growth

This is an excerpt from a Colliers International Research Blast:

This is an update of a Research Blast done in September of last year which showed most cities were gaining jobs with the national average showing 1.0 percent annual growth. March 2008 data was released last week and shows the national average has slipped to just 0.4 percent year-over-year growth. While most cities are still creating jobs the rankings have changed dramatically and many high flyers have seen a significant deceleration.
The top three cities for job growth for the year ending February 2008 (metro level data lagged by one month) were Raleigh, NC (3.9 percent), Houston, TX (3.4 percent) and Greenville, SC (2.9 percent). This top three list is significantly different from July of last year when Riverside – San Bernardino/Inland Empire led the way, followed by Charleston, SC and Boise, ID. In this year’s rankings Inland Empire came in at 50th spot, Charleston number 6 and Boise number 51. In absolute terms, the February jobs report shows Houston, TX led the nation with 86,000 new jobs created in the past 12 months followed by Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX (70,900), New York, NY (56,400), Seattle, WA (39,600) and Atlanta, GA (29,900).

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